Mason Now: Power the Possible

Mason's next 50 years are even more impactful than its first 50.

Mason Now: Power the Possible

The $1 Billion Campaign for Ƶ

Built by grit, ability, and vision. Opportunities seized, risks rewarded. A willingness to break the mold, question the status quo, and become the model of what's needed and what will be next.

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Our power is proven. Our possibilities are endless. Our time is now.

Power Student Success

What's Possible:

No qualified student faces financial or educational barriers at Mason.

We admit as many students as we can educate with purpose—and for purpose. We ask students, “Where do you want to go?” Then we work passionately to help them get there.

Power What's Next

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39k+ students
making Mason the largest public university in Virginia.
President Washington stands before a podium in his Mason regalia.

The is a pathway to a bachelor’s degree or help starting a business for every Virginian who wants one.

EIP alumni stand in a group celebrating their college graduation.

The (EIP) provides year-round academic enrichment, personal and social development, civic engagement, and leadership training opportunities for middle and high school college-bound first generation college students.

A view of the Mason pond.

The (MASI) uses a team-based approach to provide intensive support services to students on the Autism Spectrum beyond typical higher education accommodations.

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1 in 3
undergraduates are first-generation students
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of students receiving financial aid
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of students participate in experiential learning

Power Research

What's Possible:

Ƶ significantly expands its ability to impact the most pressing issues of our time.

High-impact ideas begin with high-impact thinkers—faculty and student researchers who embrace risk and welcome the diverse perspectives that produce the most effective results. Our scholarship extends beyond academia, it impacts lives and changes the world.

Power What's Next

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$230 million
in research funding

The white-fingered mud crabs and two diabolical parasites are the focus of research being conducted at Ƶ’s .

Mason researcher Vivian Motti holding wearable tech that she's hoping will help people live more independent lives.

Ƶ researchers Vivian Motti and Anya Evmenova are utilizing smartwatch capabilities to help neurodiverse individuals live more independent lives.

A scientist organizes and tests samples in a lab.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mason's Laboratory for Advanced Testing , allowing them to analyze 10,000 tests a week and positioned Mason to be at the forefront of the next diagnostic challenge.

Power Innovation

What's Possible:

Mason meets future challenges and opportunities by engaging diverse perspectives, questioning the status quo, and fearlessly forging new paths.

You don't come this far this fast by being like the others.

Dr. Gregory Washington
President of Ƶ

We know that more of the same doesn’t lead to major breakthroughs or life-changing discoveries. Instead, we create more of what’s new, always asking, “Why not us?” and “Why not now?”

Power What's Next

OSCAR 2013

The Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities, and Research (OSCAR), home of undergraduate research and creative activities, hosts the Excellence Awards and research poster presentations for students.

A student sets up the 3D printer in the MIX.

The MIX, located in Horizon Hall, hosts workshops, competitions, and accelerator programs. It is a makerspace, incubator, and media lab.

Power Community

What's Possible:

Mason fosters and enriches inclusive communities - on campus, locally, nationally, and globally.

We believe that community is an essential part of learning. And just as our learning has no boundaries, the Mason community starts, but doesn’t end, with our vibrant campuses. It extends to our diverse community partners, the region’s government and industry leaders, our campus in Korea—and anywhere our curiosity takes us.

Power What's Next

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$3.36 billion
total impact of Mason Enterprise's Community Business Support for FY22
An image of the Capitol dome as seen from the Washington Monument.

Two groups of students from the made the trip from Ƶ’s Fairfax Campus to destinations in the nation’s capital to see government in action.

Dancers with orchestra

brings the power of the arts to the community through outstanding performances, arts education, and arts experiences at theand the.

New Arlington Director and Mason alum Ryan Touhill is eager to partner on Fuse Initiative. The landmark project is expected to create an ecosystem of market movers, not just for the Mason campus neighborhood but for Arlington, Virginia, at large.

Power a Sustainable Future

What's Possible

Mason is a model of responsible stewardship - financially, socially, and environmentally.

Our bold vision is matched by our sense of responsibility—to our students, our funders, our communities, and our planet. We know that trust is gained, not a given, and that our outcomes are the best testament of our effectiveness.

Power What's Next

Students learn about bee farming.

Mason partnered with the to train the next generation of conservation leaders.

Student works with a professor to carefully examine a monarch butterfly.

The Environmental and Sustainability Studies program is an example of Mason’s , focused on meeting present needs while ensuring a sustainable future.

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Power What's Next
What's Possible: Mason's next 50 years are even more impactful than its first 50.
A mockup image of the future Fuse building against the city skyline at twilight.

We believe that present progress matters more than past pedigree. That talent needs opportunity, not permission. That the future is something we create, not something that happens to us. And when all voices are invited to shape what’s next, the future is closer than you think.

Dr. Gregory Washington
President of Ƶ

Learn more about how you can be a part of shaping Mason’s future through the Campaign for Ƶ.


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