Ƶ selected to participate in AI safety consortium

Mason has joined more than 200 of the nation’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) stakeholders to participate in a Department of Commerce initiative to support the development and deployment of trustworthy and safe AI.

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A view from the pulpit

In this episode, President Washington speaks with Jeffery Johnson, pastor, of Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Vienna, and Vernon Walton, pastor, of First Baptist Church, Fairfax about the roles Mason and their churches can play in supporting the community.

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Black History Month

Through February and beyond, #MasonNation is hosting various events and sharing a collection of contemporary stories across the spectrum of Mason’s scholarly and artistic community.

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Demonstrating the power of VR in physical rehabilitation

The team-based student capstone project, displayed at the Fuse topping out event, created a virtual reality rehab platform that is less complicated and less expensive. Learn more.

The capstone group poses with their project designs.
Headshots of Mason alumni Majority Leader Delegate Charniele Herring and Senators Glen Sturtevant and Saddam Salim.
Mason Alumni

Mason’s impact flourishes with alumni legislators in Richmond

The legislative session is underway in Virginia’s General Assembly. Ƶ’s presence continues to make an impact in Richmond, with an increased number of proud Mason Patriots serving the commonwealth.

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Students at Mason Korea hold up banners for 2024 Student Convocation welcoming the largest Mason Korea class.
Mason Korea

Mason Korea welcomes largest new class

More than 200 students were welcomed at the 2024 New Student Convocation. The event was the finale of Welcome Weekend, a two-day program led by Mason Korea's University Life Office to familiarize new students to campus life. .

Yearlong program celebrates American author James Baldwin

Learn what's planned.

photo of Mason's Fairfax campus in late summer with students walking through central areas.
Mason Rankings

Mason online programs ranked in top 50 among public universities.

Find out more about the rankings.

NSF rankings show Mason ahead of research funding goals


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animal camera, Dan Hanley, research
Research & Innovation

New video camera system captures the colored world that animals see

“We’ve long been fascinated by how animals see the world,” said Hanley, who is also a . “Modern techniques in sensory ecology allow us to infer how static scenes might appear to an animal; however, animals often make crucial decisions on moving targets like detecting food items and evaluating a potential mate’s display..

At Fuse topping out ceremony, student researcher uses satellites to better predict storm surges

Soelem Aafnan Bhuiyan, a PhD student in civil engineering, saw plenty of coastal flooding while growing up in Bangladesh. He hopes his research will help all flood-prone communities benefit from a more robust disaster preparedness program. Learn more. .

PhD student wearing a plaid shirt stands to the left of a white board with diagrams and numbers, part of his research.

Mason engineers develop “rusty” coffee grounds to remove pollutants from water 

By combining spent coffee grounds with iron oxide (aka rust), the reusable bots can bind to several different pollutants for removal via magnets. Learn more.

two researchers each hold a small jar of coffee grounds with a large magnetic block between the two viles.
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Rev. Jeffrey Johnson (left) has led Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Fairfax, Va., since 2004. Dr. Vernon Walton has led First Baptist Church in Vienna, Va., since 2014.
Access to Excellence Podcast

Podcast - Ep 56: A view from the pulpit

On the Access to Excellence podcast, Mason President Gregory Washington speaks with Jeffery Johnson, pastor of Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Fairfax (right), and Vernon Walton, pastor of First Baptist Church in Vienna. The pastors, both of whom have Ƶ students and graduates in their congregations, guide us through some of the history and aspirations of the Black community through the lens of Black and African American History Month. They also examine the intertwined roles that Mason and their churches can play to confront issues such as affordable housing, food insecurity and equitable healthcare. Listen to this episode.

More Episodes

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Mason in the Media

. (Smithsonian Magazine)

President Washington talks about Mason's blueprint for growth. ()

Dr Christy Pichichero, professor of history and an expert in Black studies at Mason, talks about the true story of rum and its place in history. ()

. Charles Gardner, a research fellow at the Mercatus Center, says the issue is the national housing affordability crisis. ()

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